Am I Normal or am I Common

Am I Normal or am I Common

Asking ones self the question: “Am I normal or am I common” is not very flattering either way. I feel every person on this earth is exceptional, each in their own unique fashion. I also feel to be our best person we need to hold ourselves in very high regard and in fact, we need to respect and love ourselves deeply.

If people do respect themselves at such a level, why do people settle and accept conditions and illness they don’t need to? We all deserve better. As a chiropractor I have patients enter my office frequently suffering needlessly in many ways, but accepting such suffering as normal. The explanation is possibly best served with an example. I will have a person appear to my office for assistance fixing their painful low back. I do a full systems review and questioning in our initial consultation. Very commonly people will say they experience headaches, but “just normal headaches.” As I inquire further the frequency is often weekly, lasting two days. Doing basic math that makes eight days per month with headaches. That also means over one quarter of the month has this individual suffering headaches. If this is not stopped, that means at least a quarter of ones life is to be spent in misery.

As a chiropractor this is where I want to scream. Everyone on this planet is amazing. No one deserves to suffer. Considering chiropractic is very successful in stopping headaches in most cases, the suffering and lost productivity in life is absolutely absurd and unnecessary for this person. Headaches are common, but they are not normal.
There are many conditions that patients suffer from regularly that would respond well to chiropractic care. Every person should consult a chiropractor, have their spine checked and determine if disruption to their spinal function is negatively affecting their nerve system health. Subluxations are spinal joints of the spine that are not moving properly or are malpositioned causing irritation to the bodies nerve system. Chiropractors are experts at analyzing, detecting, and correcting spinal joint subluxations.

Headaches were used in the example above. Other conditions that many accept as normal, but really are just common, and in turn may respond to chiropractic care are: arm pain, leg pains, sciatica, shoulder pain, indigestion, overactive or ineffective bowel movements to name a few. Get checked today. Everyone deserves the best!!

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