Are You Welcoming “Seasonal Balance?”

Notice the leaves changing? A chill in the air here in Winnipeg?

Autumn is the time of maturity and harvest. The air becomes a bit crisper, and the leaves change. Everything slows down, and the days shorten. Yang turns toward yin. The wind can be a bit (or a lot) cooler. Make sure you’ve got a jacket with you and cover your neck to avoid colds and flu’s – the wind has a way of overcoming the immune system.

Make sure you’re eating well and your digestion is good, because that’s the root of your immune system strength.
Dryness is a common problem in the autumn. It causes constipation, dry throat, dry skin, dry eyes, dry brittle hair, thirst, and prevents sweating. Spicy food makes it worse. Pear juice is a nice moistening solution for a dry Lung (Chinese medicine includes the nose, skin, and throat in its Lung organ-system).

But let’s not forget a more positive form of nostalgia, which can typify the ‘autumn’ of our lives. I know everyone has their own way of doing it- looking through old letters, and albums of photographs.

Autumn Tips:
* Go to bed at sunset and arise at dawn

* Remain calm and peaceful, and avoid depression

* Rein in your desires and become focused

*Avoid smoking