The Power of Positive Thinking!

Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking, even when it applies to the smallest of situations. We all know of the butterfly effect, in that one small change can lead to a huge change later on down the road. It’s not enough to be positive 50% of the time and negative 50% of the time.

The difference between positive and negative thinking can be as big as choosing to walk down two of the most diverged roads in the forest.

You don’t get a call back from an interview you thought you did well in.

Mr. Defeat will call you a loser and a total failure, resulting in depression, anger, and inaction.

Mr. Triumph will see it as a sign that you must change something, leading you to research more on interviewing skills, which in turn, helps you ace the next interview, landing you an even better job.

Never would’ve happened if Mr. Defeat was used.